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De personals, I'm hunting for de personals that like simulators

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Juan A. Carrasco was born in Barcelona, Spain, the 21st of November of He is the author of 69 papers including book chapters, papers in refereed journals, papers in collections, and papers in refereed conference proceedings and currently le a research team on Stochastic Modeling of Fault-tolerant Systems. The tool can be installed in a machine with almost any kind de personals UNIX operating system, including LINUX, and includes many numerical methods, some developed by him, and robust accelerated simulation methods which should be able to deal with Markov models with finite but hughe of states.

He has also been principal investigator of several national research projects and has carried out alone an industrial contract in which the reliability of the automatic vehicle guidance of the subway lines 9 and 10 of Barcelona was analyzed.

That analysis discovered a rule for making some connections not specified in the project of the system which if followed increased the time to an important failure of the system by a factor of 3 without ificant additional cost.

The system modeled in that study had about de personals with complex dependencies from the reliability point of view. In the last three years he has spent a great part of his research in developing a completely new method for computing singular values and vectors of arbitrary large and sparse complex matrices with small storage requirements beyond those required to hold the matrix itself and has obtained preliminary impressive.

Carrasco's research activities deal with the development of techniques and tools for performance, dependability and performability evaluation of digital systems using stochastic processes. Most of his research has to do with the development of numerical methods, bounding methods and stochastic simulation methods for the analysis of continuous-time Markov models.

Carrasco integrates his methods.

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