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In. Edit Fargo Directed by Joel Coen Ethan Coen Jerry Lundegaard Steve Buscemi Carl Showalter Peter Stormare Jean Lundegaard Harve Presnell Wade Gustafson Tony Denman Scotty Lundegaard Gary Houston Irate Customer Sally Wingert Irate Customer's Wife Kurt Schweickhardt Car Salesman Larissa Kokernot Hooker 1 Melissa warren escort Peterman Hooker 2 Steve Reevis Reilly Diefenbach voice Steve Edelman Morning Show Host Sharon Anderson Morning Show Hostess Larry Brandenburg Stan Grossman James Gaulke State Trooper J.

Todd Anderson Victim in Car Frances McDormand Marge Gunderson John Carroll Lynch Norm Gunderson Bruce Bohne Lou Petra Boden Cashier Steve Park Mike Yanagita Wayne A. Customer as Wayne Evenson Cliff Rakerd Officer Olson Jessica Shepherd Hotel Clerk Peter Schmitz Airport Lot Attendant Steven I. Mechanic as Steve Schaefer Michelle Hutchison Escort as Michelle Hutchinson David S.

Mohra Rose Stockton Valerie voice Robert Ozasky Bismarck Cop 1 John Bandemer Bismarck Cop 2 Don Wescott Chet uncredited Clifford Nelson Women in the Bar uncredited Produced by Tim Bevan Baruth Brian Bebler McCord Todd Milner Dawes Christine Sheaks Graf Donald J. Kapel Bill Schwab Kennedy Frank Ketchum Smith Tommy Ray Smith Broussard Mark Demarais Karen Ruth Getchell Getting Started Contributor Zone ».

Your data. your experience.

Edit. Top Gap. Create a list ». Best Movie of each Year My Favorite Movies. Watched in My movies.

See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history. Jerry Lundegaard. Carl Showalter. Gaear Grimsrud. Jean Lundegaard. Wade Gustafson. Scotty Lundegaard. Irate Customer. Irate Customer's Wife.

Wanted collection

Car Salesman. Hooker 1. Hooker 2. Shep Proudfoot as Steven Reevis. Reilly Diefenbach voice. Morning Show Host. Morning Show Hostess.

Full cast & crew

Stan Grossman. State Trooper.

Victim in the Field. Victim in Car. Marge Gunderson.

Norm Gunderson. Mike Yanagita. Customer as Wayne Evenson.

Officer Olson. Hotel Clerk.

Airport Lot Attendant. Mechanic as Steve Schaefer.

Escort as Michelle Hutchinson. Man in Hallway as David Lomax.

Valerie voice. Bismarck Cop 1. Bismarck Cop 2. Bark Beetle Narrator voice. Soap Opera Actor on TV archive footage uncredited. Chet uncredited. Heavyset Man In Bar uncredited. Women in the Bar uncredited.