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When I think of legal prostitution, Amsterdam comes to mind, then some weird brothel in Nevada.

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On this night I was hanging out after a long day of reporting and two Colombian woman approached me, and I bought them a drink. My main reason for being there was because I had noticed a lot of prostitutes at the Trump property and was curious if women from outside establishments were also welcome there. And indeed they were.

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Partially by choice. Panama City can be a hectic place, with hordes of harried people and lots of traffic and a bustle that appeals to some but not to me.

A chain-reaction of mistakes

I prefer the peace and quiet of Mariato. When I do go in, however, I usually go straight to one neighborhood— El Cangrejo —and tend to stick close to it. The main reason is practical.

The other reason I stay in El Cangrejo, however, is that it epitomizes urban life in Panama. The neighborhood itself is at once fascinating and infuriating, exciting and slightly intimidating. If I am going to go to the trouble of going into the city anyway, may as well go all-in on the city experience, right?

All manner of people pop up in El Cangrejo. American retirees.

Chinese shop-owners. Panamanian medical students. French backpackers. Cuban and Colombian hookers.

Us national parks

This neighborhood has it all. It was founded in the s by Jewish residents and at the time was the most modern and exclusive neighborhood in Panama City. It took on a much more diverse makeup in more recent years as the Jewish community relocated mainly to the Punta Pacifica and Costa del Este neighborhoods.

The free Wi-Fi lures a lot of customers, and the large community bulletin board inside is full of advertisements and posters of rooms for rent, cars for sale, English or Spanish tutors, lost and found announcements, upcoming live music and theater performances, job postings, and just about anything else one can think of.

Gastronomic groupies will not be disappointed by El Cangrejo. Just as the neighborhood has a multicultural makeup of people, it also has a multicultural makeup of restaurants. Not only is the Lebanese fare here exceptional, with some of the best naan bread, hummus, and falafels I have ever tasted, but the entertainment is something to see. During the dinner service, traditional belly dancers perform from table to table, enticing patrons to get up and them in their rhythmic routine.

Fantastic food, expats, einstein’s head, and hookers—exploring the streets of el cangrejo

They also offer a great breakfast in the morning. Delicious sancocho a traditional chicken and yucca soupfresh seafood, arroz con pollo chicken and riceand beans are on the traditional Panamanian menu, and an added bonus is that the staff is super friendly. On Via Argentina, a mix of bars and pubs can be found. La Rana Dorada is a popular brew pub, with their own microbrews on tap offered at half price during their weekday happy hour beginning at noon until 6 p.

My life was on that computer!

Across the street from La Rana is Live, a karaoke bar for experienced and not-so-experienced singers alike. Some people say El Cangrejo is a red-light district. This peculiar aspect of El Cangrejo bothers some people, but usually for unfounded reasons.

Some people may perceive prostitution to be synonymous with danger, but that is not at all the case here. Police are all over the place, especially on weekend nights, and the professional ladies tend to conduct their business behind closed doors instead of advertising on panama city panama prostitutes streets as they do in some other parts of the world. Roll the dice in the casino, test your bluffing abilities in the poker room, try their all-you-can-eat sushi buffet on Monday nights, or simply enjoy a cheap beer in the cavernous bar.

I even spent one evening drinking some beer and smoking a cigar with some friends of ours while we watched the mating dance of the ladies of the night and their prospective suitors. Nothing scary or intimidating and there were lots of people there who were not interested in extra- curricular activity. In fact it took me a while to catch on! The Sin City aspect of El Cangrejo means the neighborhood is understandably not for everyone. But the rest of the neighborhood more than makes up for the faults of that single strip.

For urban lifestyle and diversity, it is—for my money—the most interesting and accessible neighborhood in Panama City. You can pick up back issues of the report and subscribe here.

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