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Needless to say, convictions stemming from prostitution or promoting prostitution can have life altering consequences. We believe in handling each case on an individual basis, working with our clients to understand the specifics of their circumstances, and seeking to have their charges dismissed or reduced.

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The police arrested two women for allegedly engaging in prostitution on Van Houten Street, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

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The woman, who had the sweater rolled up to expose her midriff, was walking in the opposite direction.

But she turned around and approached the vehicle. One week earlier, Paterson police conducted an anti-prostitution operation in the area, arresting 21 alleged prostitutes and 31 suspected johns.

Within days of the arrests, the women were back on the street, selling themselves for money that police say they use to buy drugs. James Evans, 40, said he has lived on Van Houten Street, ever since he was a small. He welcomed police operations like the one on April 11 and said there have been similar stings over the years.

Abduction: Paterson girl, 15, found in Ohio after man allegedly abducted, raped her. Marc Lamparello: What we know about the man arrested in St. Patrick's Cathedral case. Evans said the prostitutes sometimes stand in front of his home and even sit on the porch on occasion.

This is not a very good quality of life. Some folks, she said, have installed bright lights in front of their homes to discourage the streetwalkers.

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As Holman stood in front of her home speaking with a reporter, a man in an SUV waved as he drove by. She said she recently confronted that same man after he picked up one of the women on Van Houten.

The man, who lives in the area, later apologized and said he stopped patronizing the prostitutes, according to Holman. But there seems to be no shortage of johns.

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