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This article was originally published by Crosscut and is republished here with permission.

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OPS facilitates recovery from the harms of prostitution through survivor-centered, trauma-informed services that empower our participants and community to heal from, and end, this system of gender-based violence. Yoga 3pm-4pm. Recovery Circle pm — pm. Survivor Support Group 4pm- pm.

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Image: Seattle Public Library. This is the chronicle of a city built on sin.

Community outcry and overwhelmed services lead to police arresting more sex workers than buyers.

One census rec0rds more than women working in them. Related industries—gambling, robbery, brewing—also flourish. The raids spare white and target Asian women, who seem to have replaced Indians as targets of outrage.

Contrary to legend, she leaves her fortune to relatives in Germany, not to local schools. The battle recurs in various forms to the present day. March U. They estimate that are kept as sex slaves in Washington alone.

Seattle city council repeals loitering laws

May 13, After Mayor John F. Wappy goes to prison and Gill loses a recall vote, triggering an exodus from the Tenderloin. He cracks down on vice operations but keeps his hand in the till.

Late s Nellie Curtis, another madam of legendary business acumen, launches her first brothel in the Camp Hotel on First Avenue. She runs a string of houses and amasses a small fortune. Stairs down to Western Avenue for sailors streaming up from the harbor.

Many brace themselves with a drink at the adjacent Lotus Inn. Curtis somehow escapes a military-instigated brothel shutdown and operates the LaSalle until And it records a now largely vanished First Avenue of dive bars, pool halls, and peep shows. March Using unpaid volunteers posing as prostitutes, the Seattle Police Department arrests a Spokane school principal, a year-old boy, and 21 other alleged patrons.

May SPD begins deploying female officers as prostitution decoys and says it will phase out the use of volunteers. July 29, King County Superior Court Judge Donald Horowitz overturns the prostitution convictions of two Seattle women on discrimination grounds, because police failed to arrest male customers as well.

Rantz: seattle sex workers jump line for covid vaccines? misunderstanding sparks rumor

Police have since begun snaring using volunteer female decoys to snare customers. August Police and outreach workers report an unprecedented of young male street prostitutes in Seattle. Police make their first arrest for pimping underage boys. May 5, In an apparently unprecedented application of a public nuisance law, a King County judge shuts down Skandia massage parlors in downtown Seattle, Federal Way, and Mercer Island.

July Police report that prostitution is at its highest level in nearly a decade, and that streetwalkers have fanned out from their longtime hub at Sixth and Pike to the International District and Pike Place Market. Some officials and civic boosters worry about pimps, prostitutes, and muggers preying on tourists coming to see the Treasures of King Tut exhibit.

July The city attorney proposes new regulations for tease operations like Exotica, requiring notification that no nudity or sexual activity is offered inside. September SPD proposes an ordinance barring doors on peep-show booths. Lawmakers, officials, and operators spar over it for months.

Chicago shooting: man, 18, charged after 7-year-old girl shot, killed in mcdonald’s drive-thru

It finally passes. September Prosecutors charge the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Seattle and Bellevue with using sex to extract tens of thousands of dollars from lonely, elderly, and widowed dance students. February An admitted prostitute says she was gang-raped and another reports she was assaulted by seven prospective NFL recruits in the Sheraton Hotel. Prosecutors charge the Texas-based sports agent who hosted the event with promoting prostitution. May Sea-Tac neighbors picket motels that offer special short-term rates or otherwise seem to cater to prostitution.

The King County Council considers banning room rentals of less than four hours. Mids According to local strip-club lore, the Texas couch dance, later known as the lap dance, is actually invented in Seattle.

An uptick in street prostitution challenges seattle’s progressive policies

September 30, In an effort to catch johns, Seattle bans driving around in circles and beckoning to pedestrians. May The deputy director of the National Association for Missing and Exploited Children charges Seattle has the most rampant juvenile prostitution in the country.

Autumn Snohomish County police arrest 55 prospective escorts in a costly, controversial sting operation: advertising for workers for a bogus escort service. December 31, Seattle police finish the year with more than 2, prostitution arrests, an all-time record. June Sea-Tac area residents and merchants complain that the anti-prostitution campaign on Aurora Avenue has driven streetwalkers into their neighborhood.

February Yaeger is invited to Iceland to speak on ghost and lust touring to an international tourism conference. Web Exclusives.

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