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KIRO 7 has contacted the department for details. A "closed" hung on the motel office door Sunday night.

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Washington State Patrol and Lakewood police detectives arrested 11 people in an overnight prostitution bust late Wednesday and early Thursday at a Pierce County truck stop, according to a State Patrol news release. The detectives set up at the truck stop late Wednesday night after multiple residents complained about prostitution taking place at truck stops throughout the area on the Interstate 5 corridor, the release stated. Ten women — seven prostitutes and three human trafficking victims — were connected with support services and given a meal during the sting.

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When you imagine trafficking, you might think of being roofied in a foreign country, waking to find yourself kidnapped with your passport stolen.

You might imagine a forced arranged marriage, or fifty Asians crammed into a shipping container. You might think of shackles and locked rooms and nondescript vans hiding men with guns.

Sex trafficking is one form of human trafficking. Brenda, and now dozens of other highly trained volunteers, have visited girls plucked from horrific situations. During those days, Brenda and her team can visit. We care about them. Who are they? They have no connections to community. Girls will often be sold for drugs. Brenda tells me a story about a former trafficker.

One common denominator among victims is low self-esteem. She was fifteen. Her dad was hitting her and she fought back.

So, she was arrested, and she told them her dad was pimping her. Her dad had been pimping her out to friends. He would drive her to spend the night with someone different each evening, pick her up and collect money… She had a little sister. She loved him, and so when he asked her to have sex with someone for a gun, she did it. Two brothers lured her and raped her. She kept quiet and went back to them again and again. Girls will be gang-raped on film and then threatened with exposure.

Sometimes girls will be pressured to take drugs, leaving them physically reliant on their abuser. Her pimp would take all of her clothes and she was only given her clothes back or given a meal if she made enough money. It was classic grooming at first. She was starved for love, her dad was a drunk, and he would drink and kick her out. Brenda shakes her head in exasperation. Trauma from parents. Trauma from her pimp.

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More trauma from the system. The system is so broken right now. The system is very, very far from perfect.

Should police try to catch the johns? The pimps? Should there be group homes for the girls? Resources and training for officers are sparse, and the need is growing. Collectively, lawmakers are at odds about how to tackle the problem. There are many people devoted to ending sex trafficking. There are politicians, religious organizations, and nonprofits. Sex Trafficking Response and Awareness Program Washington is a wealth of information and resources for anyone seeking help, or looking to educate themselves or get training about sex trafficking.

Tacoma motel shut down after calls about prostitution, drugs, assault

At the time, they were reaching around 3, at-risk youth, and realized trafficking probably touched many of them. She attended workshops and conferences to listen to former victims and social workers. Drop-in centers were places that really made a difference, so we started looking.

It has the potential to be an overnight crisis intervention center, but lacks the volunteer fleet to make that a reality. At first there was a core group of girls who would visit all the time, and they began to tell others.

Obviously, Youth For Christ is a Christian organization, but their priority is not to convert the girls. However, if the girls want to, they read the Bible together. InANEW expanded their services for 18 and 19 year olds. Since the girls are considered adults when they turn 18, many options and services evaporate. This age range is the fastest growing group of trafficked and homeless teens.

Imagine coming out of being trafficked with no confidence, no social skills, no education, no family, no work history, and a criminal record. Who is going to hire you? Who would trust you? They give rides to probation hearings and counseling appointments. They also try to connect girls to the community through other paths like their Mentoring Program, which pairs them with an adult volunteer who can help them get on their feet.

YFC also focuses on prevention by working with at-risk boys and girls all over the city. They help kids with homework, teach life skills like how to get and keep a tacoma prostitutes, and help prepare them for college. Volunteer with an organization. Teach kids life skills, teach a class, be a listening ear.

Volunteer your skills as a professional. Are you a doctor?

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A drummer? A dog walker? You can help girls in sex trafficking and kids at risk. Be a community member kids can trust and look up to. Donate supplies or money. Girls need toiletries especially diverse hair care products—think of all hair typesperiod products of all sorts, new underwear and socks, and gently used or new, seasonally appropriate clothes and coats. Brenda said she once got bags and bags of used clothes and could only pass on about a quarter of the pieces to girls tacoma prostitutes the rest was stained or torn.

When giving used, give your best! Educate yourself on sex trafficking and human trafficking in general. This is barely the tip of the iceberg. If you have the gumption to train a girl with little to no work experience, giving them a job and mentoring them could be one of the biggest factors that keeps them from returning to a life of forced prostitution.

Girls can be confused about what day it is from working nights and being moved around constantlythey might have really expensive nails and hair but be famished. They might be inappropriately dressed for the situation or the season. They need to do laundry.

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They have a boyfriend but are reluctant to talk about them. They might have an addiction. They could be loyal to a gang and wear the colors, or have gang tattoos or name tattoos somewhere prominent like their neck or hands. They might have unexplainable injuries tacoma prostitutes various stages of healing. They might take lots of trips with their boyfriend to California which is apparently a thing that trafficked Tacoman girls commonly do. Crime data from Tacoma and Pierce County was ungendered, however, and the organizations I contacted focused on female victims.

Taking supply and clothing donations, as well as monetary donations. In need of volunteers. Taking monetary donations, school supplies, clothing, furniture, etc. Wish lists available!