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When a person is authentic, you can feel it. But you know that you can trust them to be authentic and honest in accordance with their individual perspective.

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Trust is a fundamental cornerstone of successful relationships.

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Trust, like respect, is something that must be earned and — just as importantly — kept. Simply put, trust is built over a period of time and by acting with integrity throughout that time.

The 10 qualities of trustworthy people

While it may be difficult to ascertain every one who you can trust, honest individuals typically display a set of common traits. Keeping their word is important to them, yes, but they understand that to do anything else would be hurtful.

Not surprisingly, empaths — among other selfless types — are the ones that often reignite our faith in humanity. Relating to the quality on our list, trustworthy people are consistent in their behaviors.

What makes a person trustworthy?

I just watch what they do. Boastfulness is the mirror opposite of humility and can be a big red flag.

Instead, they turn their thoughts to actions — which, in turn, do all the talking. Trustworthy people also value honor, both from themselves and others.

Not everyone who shows kindness is trustworthy, whether by de or poor judgment. That said, most trustworthy people are kind to others.

5 telltale s of a trustworthy person

If a person you know is almost always kind and courteous — and backs up what they say with action — they are probably someone you can trust. The seventh trait on our list is a well-timed follow up to the sixth. Fake people, by their very nature and well-deserved titlecan not be authentic. A truthful individual will say what needs to be said, as they know their words are spoken with meaning.

Think about five people who you wholeheartedly admire. It can be a historical figure or someone in your family.

Notice that everyone on this list was wholeheartedly selfless. Furthermore, all were known for redirecting the spotlight back onto people who looked up to them. In short, the most trustworthy people are often the most selfless — and they all dedicated their lives to something greater than themselves.

Have you ever encountered a selfish person who is manipulative and has many toxic traits that drive you mad? There a Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself? Maybe you take yourself by surprise, feel like you aren't getting anywh We've all heard this phrase.

Don't mistake my kindness for weakness.

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5 s of trustworthy person

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