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It was a seminal hub for emohardcore, ska and punk shows in truly alternative venues. The emo rapper had been thrust into the spotlight after he was profiled in Pitchfork, igniting a viral craze. The schizo CIA agent is back for more drone warfare and spycraft—this time, sans Brody and his frustratingly emo daughter. But despite all the chatter about Weezer's influence—about nerd rock, or emoor whatever—I don't really hear it. This was, we must remember, despite the forgettable movie Spider-Man 3, more than just an emo haircut and Devo dance moves. There are teenagers and baby boomers, hipsters and emo .

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Top definition. Emo person.

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Emo person - someone who is more emotional about things than others. Usually listens to Emo music. Just because someone is emo it doesnt mean they cut themselves some do some dont. People who are emo dont always have to look like it, so the dont all have dark clothing dark hair etc. Apr 26 Word of the Day. The default beliefs installed when you were.

Emo kid style and beliefs

An unexamined position you absorbed from your environment growing up. I grew up in a conservative home so my factory settings lead me to vote Republican. I grew up in a liberal home so my factory settings lead me to vote Democrat.

Someone who is In touch more with their emotion. Prefers to be alone. Usually died black.

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Likes music, writing poetry. Some emos cut not all do. Most emos dress like this or look like this.

Coming from an emo girl I dress like this and act like this most of the time. Some emos say "not all emos dress like that". OK so if a guy wearing a white tank top, baggy low rider pantswalked up to you and said I'm emo would you believe him? Probably not because he doesn't fit the style.

Are you emo?

Emos now a days don't listen to emo music. We listen to rock, metal, post hard core music. Stuff like, black veil brides, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, motionless in whiteall time low, fall out boy, get scared, ghost town, of mice and menbring me the horizon, panic at the disco, second hand serenade, etc. If it's your family remember you only have to live with them till your 18 you'll be rid of them soon enough.

Emos like helping each other to. No example necessary for emo person.

Most people stereotype emo people as edgy teens that hate everything,unsurprisingly that's not true most emo people are only people that are just emotional and express emotions through music,art ect. True there are emo people that are the Cringy teens but let it be known that they are the minority of the emo community and that most of us are actually nice people that are just more in touch with our emotions then "normal people".

Some not all emo people actually are deppresed so be careful if you talk about that as a joke as some people might take offence. Also don't be afraid to be emo as it actually can help you a lot to relieve stress and to all around feel better about yourself as a person,work with your emotions not against them because at the end of the day emotions is what makes us human.

Emo hater :Look at him he's so emo Emo person:as in he's so in touch with himself? Emo hater:no as in how weird he is Emo person:you're the weird one,you reject anything that you don't understand.

Okay, who came up with that. So, not true. Not even close.

And emo person is someone who feels emotions very strongly. Hint, the word emo.

Whether it be happy, sad, mad, whatever. And they don't have to dress or look a certain way either! Also, not all emo's cut. Some do some don't.

Cutting, writing, going off alone, whatever, they do it as a way to express their emotion or release what they feel. Apr 26 trending 1.

Emo person photos

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What exactly is ‘emo,’ anyway?

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