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We understand that you deserve to know where you stand when you are filing a personal injury claim. Our fair fee guarantee gives you peace of mind. We take these distinctions and honors seriously, and so do insurance companies. Our outstanding reputation for working hard on behalf of accident victims in Indiana will be reflected in your experience with our team. While we know that other attorneys advertise their case on their websites, the sharing of this information is prohibited under Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.

We are proud of our success and are happy to provide our past settlement and verdictthe of former clients we have represented, and the total amount of money we have recovered for our clients in person during your free consultation.

Every case is different and depends on many different facts and circumstances. Have you recently been hurt in an accident caused by someone else?

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Most personal injury victims do not know their rights and are likely to be taken advantage of by an insurance company or by another party in a lawsuit, when that person or company suggests a low settlement offer. Protect yourself by hiring a Newcastle personal injury attorney who will be dedicated to the best possible outcome for you. It should be the mission of your Newcastle personal injury lawyer to protect the people.

In some cases, even the step of hiring a lawyer to file and argue for you can encourage a settlement right away. A Newcastle personal injury attorney who has a reputation in the area for aggressively fighting for benefits is your most important ally in your case and might help you get to resolution sooner than you expected. Anyone who has been hurt in an accident has more to worry about than trying to sue a corporation or another party or fighting the insurance company. You have emotional damages, medical bills, loss of work and pain.

This is why your Newcastle personal injury attorney should be ready to work to get you compensation and to handle many of the most stressful aspects of your personal injury lawsuit. Managing the medical conditions associated with a personal injury accident, such as a truck or car accident, is overwhelming in the best-case scenarios. For someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury like a TBI or a spinal cord injury, however, life may never be the same.

If you are curious about how a potential personal injury lawsuit works, you should schedule a consultation with a Newcastle personal injury lawyer today.

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Your attorney starts this process by putting together a document known as a complaint. This complaint is filed in court. At any point throughout this phase of your case, the other party may suggest a settlement offer. You are not required to take the first settlement offer presented to you by the other side and it is rarely in your best interest to do so. If you are managing your personal injury claim on your own, you might not realize the potential implications of doing that and could jeopardize your ability to fully recover by taking a settlement amount far below what you are due.

Although every accident and lawsuit has its unique specifics, in Indiana you will need to file an injury claim within two years of the date of the accident. This is the only way to protect your legal right to compensation. The complaint filed by your attorney alleges what the defendant has done wrong and lays out a suggested course of action for correction. This is typically paying a certain amount of damages. Following the filing of the complaint, comes pre-trial maneuvering.

Lawyers on both sides will engage in the process of discovery which involves sharing their primary evidence and witnesses. Witnesses can be interviewed during discovery and medical records can be obtained. In many cases, lawyers may appear in front of judges to file pretrial motions.

This can take a few weeks or several months, but having the right Newcastle personal injury lawyer by your side for the duration increases your chances of success and overall confidence with the management of your claim. The right Newcastle personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether or not a settlement offer is in your best interests.

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When the other side realizes the mounting information against them, they may present you with a settlement offer to avoid the uncertainty of going to court. Since the right lawyer will be a major benefit to you over the duration of your case, it is strongly recommended that you hire a Newcastle personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience in this field and one who remains committed to your best interests, not just now, but well into the long run.

During the pretrial phase, settlement may be reached. This may help you avoid going through litigation.

Many cases involving personal injury in Newcastle will get settled before a trial, however, if the other side is not offering you full and fair compensation for the injuries you have sustained, your lawyer should already be prepared to go to trial. The complicated aspects and emotional toll that filing a legal case take on you could be overwhelming for the average person, but hiring the right Newcastle personal injury attorney diminishes the potential for it to take over your life and cause you unnecessary stress.

In fact, your lawyer will be dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that your rights are protected and put top of mind during the management of your legal claim. The case will then be presented in front of court, if you are not able to achieve settlement and a verdict is reached.

Remember that you do not have to worry about the financial responsibilities of paying your attorney for his or her representation unless we win your case.

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An experienced attorney can provide you with a better understanding of the various aspects of your case and whether or not settlement or litigation makes sense. You want an attorney who is experienced with how to adjust his or her course of action over a case and to inform you about the various developments. Since your lawyer will be so involved in a personal issue and one that could influence you for many years to come, you need to have a great deal of confidence in his or her management of your claim. An initial consultation with a Newcastle personal injury lawyer will give you further information about what is truly in your best interests, so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Charting a path for the future is not easy, but with the right Newcastle personal injury attorney, it can be much easier. You have rights- so stand up for them by filing an injury claim as soon as possible after a crash or other accident.

Tom Blackburn and Lisa Jackson were incredibly professional and personal individuals. If you ever are in a situation where you need and are recieving their assistance you are not simply a client to them you are a friend, and you even become like family if your case is serious enough.

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Tom is the meanist, most brutal lawyer I know but he is one hell of a guy other wise. And Lisa does a majority of the behind the scenes tough work. So together they are a great team. If you need help, go Blackburn and Green — go Tom and Lisa!

They are very professional and have your interest at best. I would recommend them and would call them again.

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Thank you to his staff for all were very kind during difficult times. We highly recommend them. Chris was able to negotiate for us a settlement that far reached my expectations. I was treated with utmost professionalism and respect.

I pray i never need this type of service again. However if i do, i will return.

Not only were they professional, but they were very mindful of the stress my family was under. They went out of their way to provide me documentation that was requested by my ant. Both times i have been extremely satisfied. Thank you so much! They are very reasonable. I had a good experience. I had the maximum thanks to them. I am from California. It was a hard case because of the distance.

They still did the best for me. I was referred by my cousin and would definitely refer them to anyone. Tom went above and beyond to help me get my case solved in a timely manner.

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We are satisfied that its over and that you did a good job. Thank you for your time in getting this done. Thank you so much. Chris Blackburn did an outstanding job to make sure all of our medical expenses were taken care of.

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I am very happy with the speed and accuracy of my claim. Things have been explained well. The different staff i have worked with have all been very professional.

Never had to wait for answers when i would call. They were very nice and kind. Whenever i called i got all the information i needed and my case was settled in less than one year. I would recommend them to anyone. Great assistance as well!! They kept me informed every time there was some news on my case and gave me good advice on what to do on my case. Toggle. .

If you've been injured, we can help. Free Case Review New Castle Personal Injury Attorney Have you recently been hurt in an accident caused by someone else? Do I have a case? Find out now, it's free.